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Gábor Deutch aka Raster became known first as Anorganik, but he is that kind of guy who has a minimum of thousand alteregos to counterbalance his constant moves in and out of tons of different styles. "Raster" was born in 2002 to represent Gábor's breakbeat line.

His very first track (as Anorganik) was released on the Future Sound of Budapest vol.2. in 1998. This was followed by his first EP, Chilly Motive, from which the track Sunday Morning was copied to many famous compilations. After this success, his first solo album Contrast appeared under UCMG, and absolutely reflected Gábor's wide musical interest. In 2000 he co-founded Subscope Recordings, the first and most famous Hungarian drum and bass label ever. His name appears on numerous compilations, and Raster also does live shows where he is accompanied by his friends DJ Mango (Modul), Shabaak, and young drummer Gergo Szocs. And the highly successful Raster&Amb LiveActs are favorite events of breakbeat parties. As Raster he got himself several dj fans in the breakbeat scene: his tunes are played by Hybrid, the Plump DJs, Barry Gilbey, just to name few.


Just a few releases are selected from Raster's discography, what are current releases or related to Chi-Recordings:

CD Jutasi: Good Morning Hungary - various (2002 - Record Express)
CD Chi Glassic vol.2.: Crash'n'Carry - various (2002 - CHICD003 - Chi-Recordings)
12" V/A: Cup Of Chi vol.2. - Hardwired

(2001 - MFRPBB003 -

12" V/A: Cup Of Chi vol.4. - Spiral Transform (2002 - MFRPBB005 -
12" Dub Local Remixes vol.2. - Amb vs. Kiss Erzsi: Moxa /Raster's rewire/ (2002 - CHI002 - Chi-Recordings)
12" Anorganik - Hands Up! (Gypsyhouse/USA/IRE)
12" Anorganik - Foreign Dub (Gypsyhouse/USA/IRE)
12" Anima Sound System vs Asian Dub Foundation - Elég volt (Anorganik ReWork) (Hungaroton)
12" Anorganik - Eject (Subscope & Music 4 Ever/UK)
12" Nightshift - Formula (Anorganik Remix) (Subscope & Music 4 Ever/UK)
12" Neo - Diskhead /Anorganik rework/ (2002 - CHI004 - Chi-Recordings)
12" Anorganik feat. Sena - Endlessly (unreleased)
12" Anorganik - Sidewinder (Subscope & Music 4 Ever/UK)