Ferocious Mullet

The FM was formed three years ago out of a need to put together good quality, well produced beats and sounds, that would make an impact on the dance floor and also stand up in a critical listening environment. The main remit of the Mullet is to draw influences from a wide range of sources, including, the more experimental sides of dance music, funk, psychedelica and outer space…., but still come out with tunes that satisfy both feet and mind. The Mullet so far has represented nu-skool breaks and rolling beats, with debut 12” on Chi (Cellophane Satisfaction).

‘The Ferocious Mullet’ is Charlie Norton and Gareth Green, two producers of bi polar backgrounds and experience, who have worked together under various guises, most recently ‘London Sewer Tour’ and ‘Electric Melon’. Outside of the peculiar named dance music acts, they have a production company and studio with third partner in musical crime, ‘Random Kevlar’ who come together for various productions for TV, Multimedia and Film productions. All of this musical mayhem takes part in the SSL. (Synaesthesia Sound Lab) , their production studio, which has facilitys for, both accoustic and dance production. This has been the focal point for most of the creativity of the last few years, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

They are game for just about any type of production, remix and live shows, ranging from ambient, hiphop, beats, breaks, techno, trance, drum and bass, industrial, vocal, instrumental, anything as long as it has a good groove. But ask not what your mullet can do for you, but what you can do for your mullet, and there is one thing, we would like to get into filmscores, so if you are making a film, and need music, then get in contact!!!


CD Ferocious Mullet: Cellophane Satisfaction
on Chi Glassic vol.2.: Crash&Carry
(2002 - CHICD003 - Chi-Recordings)
12" Ferocious Mullet: Cellophane Satisfaction
on Crash&Carry Sampler vol.1.
(2003 - CHI003 - Chi-Recordings)