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9th oct, 2010

[CHI024] Transparent Sound Remixes

Artist: V/A
Title: Transparent Sound Remixes
Catalog Number: CHI024
Release Date: 13/04/2009

1> 2 Headed Monster (Fine Cut Bodies remix)
2> Electro Mouse (Fine Cut Bodies' electro cat mix)
3> Cider Club (Error Response remix)

Martin Brown and Orson Bramley's Transparent Sound is a long time player on the electro scene. In the past 10 years they released 2 albums and remixed for artists such as The Cure, Radioactive Man, Mr Velcro Fastener or Vector Lovers. Now it was time to release this bunch of diverse reworks of their great originals, so Fine Cut Bodies delivered a techHouse and an electroBreaks version while Error Response worked out a beautiful downtempo version of Cider Club, what was released on Chi a couple of months.

You can find the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload.

[CHI023B] Modul: Acid Reborn volume 2

Artist: Modul
Title: Acid Reborn volume 2
Catalog Number: CHI023B
Release Date: 16/03/2009

Leonardo Di Casio (feat. Unruly Kidz) <1
The Real <2
Clitoris Bite Boogie

The second chunk of tracks presented by our very own Argentina-based beat-crusher/graffiti-bomber/scratch-master, bringing another fun package to the Chi table..

DJ support: Dapayk, CHEF, Tony Tay, Flore, Dave Tarrida, High Eight, ...

Tomcraft: "cool release! looking forward to play leonardo di casio "
Dubfire: "10/10"
Justin Harris (Freakz): "fav is the real. but will also p p p play l l l l leonardo.. "
Elite Force: "All tracks a very well put together - proper headz music. Chi running 'tings again!"
Habersham/Komposit: "Leonardo Di Casio - love the textures in this one, the steady synthline reminds me of Underworld or something - but the switch ups are wicked hot :D The Real - this is going to be huge! Love the Vocoded vox, the classic housey bass stab and the dissonant keys - a winner for sure! Clitoris Bite Boogie - First of the all - the name is the BOMB :D Second - this track is the JAM - so so sick Thanks Modul - your consistency is amazing to date, and thanks to Chi for this wicked release! "
D.Ramirez: "This is perfect for me - jackin techno with some balls! "
Mike McKenna: "Infectious as fuck, very very playable, perfect main room sound! will be playing! "
Uberzone: "Crunchewy and tastey."
Andrew Duke: "3 stellar tracks with the now-expected variety I've come to love from Modul; the man can do no wrong in my books!"
Ben And Lex: "The Real is brilliant. love this tune "
Danny Bonnici
: "This is awesome man......mad mad tune..... "
Maelstrom: "forward thinking and intelligent music, lovin the rough and crunchy production"
Kilowatts: "The Real is where it's at... lots of dynamics there."
Ed2000: "what sets chi apart from 99% of its contemporarys is the diversity and constant high quality coupled with innovation. no small achievment , especially on just about every release thus far... this release is no different. i tend towards track 3 but leonardo di casio and the real will be getting non stop plays in every possible enviroment as well . we love chi !!!"
DJ Vela: "i like the 01 + 03 very much, gonna test them out tonite :) "
Brandon Plank: "Leonardo Di Casio is bad ass! DONK DONK BASS!!!"
Kevin Beber: "good variety and originality - track 1 def the stand out for me - really gets nice from 3 mins on !"
Ooah: "Pimpin!"
Dov (Muti Music): " Quality on all fronts, my 4/4/ roots love the tech o tunes, but my compulsive DJ nature that lead me to playing breaks is now fueled by crunky glitched out syncopated beats, so 'Clitoris Bite Boogie' is the one that dos it for me."
Brian Ffar: "Very clever release!"
Groove Diggerz: "Yeah this is nice, deep, just my style, full Diggerz support."
Joe Fisher: "What an amazing release. Love the Fantastic use of minimal elements and melodies. Modul is for sure a name to keep an eye on. And Chi Recordings nails it again!"

some radio support: Sonett77 Radio (Germany), Fresh Meat,, Radio Tilos, Radio Euro (Poland), MR2 (national radio Hungary), Radio Cafe, ...

You can find the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload.

[COC013] Cup Of Chi vol.13.

Artist: V/A
Title: Cup Of Chi vol.13.
Catalog Number: COC013
Release Date: 23/02/2009

1> Modul: Acider
2> AMB: Flagpole
3> Cooler: B'ala

Soon after the success of the 12th Cup of Chi, Modul kicks off the follow-up with the driving tech-house "Acider" - a kind of free-jazz battle between a wobbling, ever-ruling bass-line, a catchy hook, and densely slurping textures. AMB, who seems to have been popping back to the breaks wing recently, takes over with the energetic "Flagpole" that you probably wouldn't label cruel - until you arrive at the drop in the breakdown perhaps. Cooler concludes the package with "B'ala" delivering an excellent musical blend of acoustic and synthesized sounds.

DJ support: Nils Noa, Flore, B-Side, Grasshop, FreQ Nasty, Dark Globe, Mr No Hands, Tony Tay, Luke Solomon, Chris Fortier, Schiipman, Marka, Palotai, Angus Robinson, Dan Mangan, Corbin Dooley, Jaurelio, Murray Richardson, ...


Tomcraft: "Cool release!"
Chris Healings (Hybrid): "Wicked tunes love them"
Phil K: "All tracks are great thanks!!what i will be playing is the modul track....just my style ...THANKS!!!"
Brian Ffar: "My brain hurts...and I mean that in the best way possible. Some very cool, twisted grooves here. Thanks!"
Sasha: "Modul is great !"
Kriece: "Acider & Flagpole for me - typical wicked stuff from you guys"
Marko Nastic: "Like first one!"
Dave Tarrida (Shitkatapult): "really good release!"
Janette Slack: "Flagpole really is awesome. So much detail and quirky fills. I fucking love it, best break beat tune I have heard in a long time. Refreshing!"
Presslaboys: "Flagpole is really good for us!"
EK: "Wicked release guys. All the tracks are excellent. Good to see AMB back on the breaks!"
Bleekster (InTheMix): "Fantastic follow up to Cup of Chi 12! Expect a review soon!"
Cosmic Groove Transmission: "I am growing a strange but strong bond with flagpole :-) Nice EP"
Myroslaw Bytz: "Modul hammers it home yet again, with a sizzling and relentlessly grimy banger! AMBrus brings the high-energy pain, with a few twists of whimsy. Cooler gets effect-crazy in the down-tempo electro-acoustic B'ala."
Ben And Lex: "modul 'acider' is lush... really deep. could get lost listening to this for hours :)" "'Acider' is probably the best Modul track on Chi so sar... it's good to see AMB making some breakbeats... but again I like Cooler's work the best. Great release overall, best of luck with it."
Rick Warner (ResidentAdvisor): "Good release, loved B ala. Acider is a top notch track as well."
Taishan: "Love the AMB track the most, nice groove. Other tracks are also cool."
Espion: "All great and experimental, Acider being the one that is most likely to sweep across Europe - chunky, minimal and perfect for the dancefloor!"
General Midi: "Great package impeccably produced as always."
Malone (BijouBreaks): "This release is exceptional, even by Chi's high standards. AMB's 'Flagpole' wins it for me."
Jay Cunning: "liking the flagpole tune!"
High Eight: "Loving the Modul and AMB tracks for DJ sets, and the Cooler track is gorgeous for a more listening kinda thing. Another top notch Cup Of Chi! Nice one!"
Andy Reid (Nocturalmagazine): "Dark, quirky and blippy goodness here. The twisting synth in Acider definitely struck the best chord here."
DJ Vela: "Amb does it again! wow :) i like the cooler track also very much! the minimal track is good, but not mycup of tea."
DJ Taucher: "thanks so much for this sensationel package what a great stile perfectly chosen sounds arranged from pros. superb fat diverted atmosperic groovy yuhuuuuu!"
Kristina Childs: "Acider is going to kill a big system. that one's definitely going in the rotation... good work!"
ED2000: "Wow! another step forward. what a mixture of styles and how well they all sit together . quality transcends genres and thats the case with this ep ."
Maelstrom: "Exactly what I'm into at the moment, the AMB tune is big, cant wait to play it on a decent sound system"
Harper (Radio Euro): "Here comes another tasty Cup Of Chi. music quality is excellent and you can't it to anything really. for me it's all about brain melting Acider and superb Amb - Flagpole tune - i will support both tunes in my radioshows at radio EUro and Amb goes straight into my box. thanks!"
Andrew Duke: "Have been bangin' out that Modul track for awhile; diggin' the cooler vibes of the AMB and, pardon the pun, Cooler. :)"
G (Peepshow Ownerz): "Cooler's B'ala is the one for me. Sounds like a good old Leftfield song."

some radio support: Sonett77 Radio (Germany), Money Shoot Radio,, Radio One (Checz Republic), Radio Tilos, Radio Euro (Poland), MR2 (national radio Hungary), Radio Cafe, ...

You can buy the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload!

[LDR004] Danny Bonnici: Crooked Fruit (Fine Cut Bodies remix)

Fine Cut Bodies' new remix for Danny Bonnici's Crooked Fruit was just released on Long Distance Recordings. Take a listen to this shuffled techHouse rework on SoundCloud, or buy at Beatport!

[COC012] Cup Of Chi vol.12.

Artist: V/A
Title: Cup Of Chi vol.12.
Catalog Number: COC012
Release Date: 22/12/2008

AMB: Rust <1
Varga Zsuzsa: Be Infected (Fine Cut Bodies remix) <2
Kodek: Tigkeit

A whole year has passed since our last all rounder package, Cup Of Chi, yet again we bring to your door a selection of goodies, this time a careful mixture of beats, cuts, glitches, and just a bit of pepper. AMB's "Rust" has been hammering the breakbeat floors for some time now, which is followed by the massive Fine Cut Bodies techhouse rework of "Be Infected" (original by the Hungarian vocalist, Varga Zsuzsa). The closing piece is brought to you by the Hungarian glitch maistro: Kodek, who has prepared a deep melancholic downtempo for the colder winter nights.

DJ support: Santiago&Bushido, The Squatters, Presslaboys, Moonface, Maelstrom, Jay Cunning, Kid Blue, D-Monic , Mr No Hands, Nick Supply, Flore, Elite Force, Lisa Lashes, ...

Mylo: "Love the FCB mix, my favourite producer of 2008!"
Kissy Sell Out: "Be infected is really really good! Love it!"
Foamo: "Be Infected is wicked! proper well produced like FCB's others too! def will play out lots an lots"
Tony Tay (Zouk): "Loving the Rust track. Will hammer this everywhere!!"
General Midi: "tight as always :-)"
Laurent Garnier: "i like the Kodek track very much Great for my radio"
Nick Thayer: "Yet more class music from such a dependable label. There is so much depth in all of these. Rust is prob my fave but loving them all. Cheers "
FreQ Nasty: "nice glitchy basss"
JDS (Darren Price): "really like rust"
Habersham/Komposit: "Love all the cuts on this release - AMB once again delivers top notch production, Kevin's remix is, ahem, infectious and Kodek's track is really brilliant!! Another stunner from Chi"
Andrew Duke: "3 great tracks, can play 'em all out depending on the set."
Jody Wisternoff: "Really like Tigkeit. Nice chilled vibe."
Kevin Beber: "it's all about the Kodek track for me , laid back future bizniz ."
Dov (Muti Music): "I'm loving the 'Chi' take on Glitch, whether it's 4/4 or broken it's always good, this release is a prefect example of how 'different' genres can share very common intentions and stylistic comparisons to each other."
Tamsin: "Wikkid squwelchy beats..AMB is honing his productions skills and is now a force to be reckoned with!"
Kickflip: "Another wicked EP from Chi. Love the rolling breakiness of Rust, and Be Infected is wickedly sleazy! All round good EP though."
Murray Richardson: "fine cut bodies do it gain!"
Mister Sushi (Botchit&Scarper): "As usual top musical treats from Chi, the AMB track wins the race for me!"
Malone (Bijoubreaks): "This is a super, high quality cross-section of sounds - much as I've come to expect from the Cup of Chi Series. All three tracks are killer in their own right, and choosing a favourite is a tough task indeed." (Glack Audio): "Finally another Cup of Chi. I've always loved this series. Kodek's Tigkeit is my favourite one."
Ed2000: "kodek is excellent - i love chi downtempo - besser gibts nicht ... varga zsuzsa also very fine - hallmark vibe all over it and i wish i had the amb tune for our 10 years dd party a few weeks back . it would have rocked 1000 breaks heads without doubt full support on this one . chi still in my opinion one of the foremost european labels !!"
Ben And Lex: "Amb's 'Rust' huge. proper techy work out. Fine Cut Bodies mix is killer as well really low slung glitch. infact its safe to say that Cup OF Chi has been on of the stand out labels for me this year. everything has been outstanding"
Beta: "love Rust, really nice forward thinking breaks. Got really nice CLub appeal"
Mike Mckenna (Discoscience): "amb`s track is a killer!! love it, sooo much energy! be infected is a lovely mid set track , will be using this for sure, a real"
J Hazen: "wicked as usual. will definitely play all of these. have to say the kodek tune is the standout for me...closed eyes, bobbin head w/ a half smile, 'wish i wrote it myself' kind of track. very solid release surprise there!"
Daniella Downs: "holy shit. rust is off the chain! like the fcb remix too."
Andrea Lai: "top sound as usual!! alwasy a pleasure to play Chi Stuff!!!!"
Jimmy MOFO: "Varga Zsuzsa Be Infected is perfect for my sets and i'll be spanking this tune well into 2009 - thanks for the heads up on this one"

some radio support: Sonett77 Radio (Germany), Berlin Mitte Institut (Germany), Money Shoot Radio,, Radio One (Checz Republic), Radio Tilos, MR2 (national radio Hungary), C'Rock Radio, ...

You can find the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload.

[CHI023A] Modul: Acid Reborn volume 1

Artist: Modul
Title: Acid Reborn volume 1
Catalog Number: CHI023A
Release Date: 15/12/2008

1> The Black
2> Tekkno

Modul a.k.a. DJ Mango a.k.a. Mark Javor has been crushing beats, spinning records, and passionately bruising vinyls since the 90s, not to mention his stunning graffiti art that often appear on various flyers or, for that matter, walls. Both as a producer and DJ he has a big appetite for genres spanning from drum'n'bass through techno to hip hop, and his master-level turntable skills have put him right up on tour with Dzihan & Kamien around Europe. Acid Reborn vol 1. is the first installment with one more to follow soon.

Luke Solomon: "liking the black a lot..although tekno is growing on me ! "
Simian Mobile Disco: "More goodness from Chi!"
Laurent Garnier: "yes yes yes this is right down my street Will play a lot!"
Slam (Orde): "nice jazzy feel!"
KiloWatts: "Love the jazzy in "The Black"... great balance!"
Volum (Jean-Paul Bondy): "The subs on Tekkno are sure to hit hard on big systems. Can't wait to play this one out!"
Pheek: "The Black's jazzy bass does it for me - killer!"
Lemon 8: "Both tracks are excellent and for different occasions. Tekkno is fantastic!"
Matt Tolfrey (Leftroom, Crosstown Rebels, FourTwenty): "Fresh cuts for sure, not heard anything like this for sometime. very impressed"
Russel Deeks (iDJ Mag): "Liking 'The Black' a lot with the jazzy flourishes, but 'Tekkno' is good too!"
Habersham/Komposit: "Excellent Techy Goodness from Modul! Love The Black most of all - support! Love the artwork as well :)"
Cio D'or: "I really like both tracks! very deep, jazzy elements & hypnotique. very cool. thank you!"

more DJ support: Peter Kruder, Phil K, Chris Udoh, Presslaboys, JDS, Transparent Sound, Murray Richardson, Dopamine, DJ Taucher, Brian Ffar, Kevin Beber, ...
some radio support: Radio One (Checz Republic), Sonett77 Radio (Germany),, Radio Tilos, MR2 (national radio Hungary), C'Rock Radio, ...

You can find the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload.

[CHI022] Péterfy Bori & Love Band: Hello Modern Dizájn Remixes

Artist: Péterfy Bori & Love Band
Title: Hello Modern Dizájn Remixes
Catalog Number: CHI022
Release Date: 29/10/2008

Anorganik evil funk mix <1
Fine Cut Bodies' fidget ride <2
SKC mix
The Beduinz remix <4
Barna Gyorgy vonósmix <5

Actress and singer Peterfy Bori and Her Love Band is well known in Hungary for their ironical lyrics backed with music by Pulver fame Erik Sumo. We have selected 5 songs of the recently released Hungarian remix album, which is already a winner and is getting loads of plays on major Hungarian radio stations. Of this compilation, we have picked the ones sitting well with the label profile and thus come up with 5 mixes of wholly different genres. A slowed down funk by Anorganik, a fidget house delivered by Fine Cut Bodies, brokenbeat madness from SKC, a beduin instrumental by The Beduinz, and a crazy folk by Gyorgy Barna.

You can find the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload.

[CHI021] Transparent Sound: Cider Club

Artist: Transparent Sound
Title: Cider Club
Catalog Number: CHI021
Release Date: 08/10/2008

1> Vector Lovers + Transparent Sound mix (guitar by Niall Shackleford)
2> Fine Cut Bodies remix
3> Original
4> Repeat Repeat remix

Martin Brown and Orson Bramley's Transparent Sound is a long time player on the electro scene. In the past 10 years they released 2 albums and remixed for artists such as The Cure, Radioactive Man, Mr Velcro Fastener or Vector Lovers (who also appears on this single). The Cider Club already was released on Electrix back in 2006, but since then a couple of producers remixed this great tune, it was time for publish those too. Alongside the original, there is a beautiful vocal version featuring Vector Lovers, a deep minimaltechno mix from Repeat Repeat and a tecHouse remake from our own Fine Cut Bodies.

You can find the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload.

[CHI019R] Fine Cut Bodies: Beaver Blink Remixes

Artist: Fine Cut Bodies
Title: Beaver Blink Remixes
Catalog Number: CHI019R
Release Date: 13/08/2008

AMB remix <1
Ooah remix <2
Erik Sumo in the woods mix

Following the success of the Beaver Blink house versions, here is the second pack of remixes for those who prefer the broken beats. On the remix duties this time are our own AMB, the Glitch Mob member Ooah, and Pulver fame Erik Sumo. GlitchHop, breakbeat and electronica meets on the release so sure you will find something for yourself!

You can find the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload.

[CHI020] AMB: Pellet

Artist: AMB
Title: Pellet
Catalog Number: CHI020
Release Date: 11/08/2008

1> Original
2> Anomallies remix by Phil K + Habersham
3> Dan F killer bunnies remix

Another fun, tech-house number by AMB with not a hint of Nathan Fake-esque vibe although with carefully measured ingredients of heavily side-chained melodies and beats. Uplifting and fresh as a cold shower of rain on a hot summer day. Phil K and Habersham teams up to bring to life the Anomallies, which delivers an expertly crafted piece of re-work with an amazing attention to detail and production. Irregular, funky, and sexy. Also appearing on the remix duties is Dan F and his deadly assassin bunnies who go AWOL and cause significant damage to whatever comes their way. Being one of the most innovative producers out there at the moment, Dan F stays true to his reputation with this pleasantly dirty remix. Nice words and support somes from Ed2000, Vela, Hybrid, Slam, Mistress De Funk, Phonogenic, Mutiny, Chris Fortier, Hernan Cattaneo, Murray Richardson, Hynotech, etc...

Jelo: "Dan F. Killer Bunnies Rmx. is ill "
James Zabiela: "great stuff. Dan F's mix has gnarly bass!"
Deepgroove: "Sound like a winner - big love from us :)"
Sasha: "Pellet orig is ace"
Jeff Samuel: "phil k remix is cool, thanks!"
Someone Else: "i love Pellet (Phil K + Habersham rmx). amazing!"
Nick Warren: "wickedness , loving P&H remix"
Alex Parsons: "Wow... Phil K & Habersham's mix!!!! Will play this everywhere. Like the Original too. Thanks!"
Kraymon: "I THINK the Dan F one is doing it for me the most but I will have to digest them some more. As always Chi doing the fat-core business on the machines of audio delight."
Trevor Loveys: "nice deep house music,feeling this."
Danny Bonnici: "Awesome release!"
Chris Udoh: "Dope tracks guys."
Brian Ffar: "I really like the Phil K and Habersham remix. Very cool tune - creative with a very solid groove. Can't wait to play it out!"
Dov: "More minimal, tech, glitched out goodness from Chi."
Matt Flores: "realy diggin the dan f mix, wicked bassline and arrange!"
Anthony Pappa: "Nice track. l will play this out. l also like the Phil K & Habersham Remix."
Laurent Garnier: "i like the original as well as Dan F killer remix will play this for sure!"
Dopamine: "lovely music! feeling all the mixes. great production all round :)"
Marvin: "Hát le a kalappal. Ujra a massziv a Chi! Original és DanF remix tánparkett rengetö, Phil K + Habersham meg a betegeknek, jól! :) Genial!"
Karl Moestl: "yes - i like theses new ways of electronic music!"
Phil Martinez: "Fantastic remix package. Phil K + Habersham and Dan F remixes will get serious playtime."
Dan Mangan: "stunning remixes. 10/10."
Grasshop: "Shocking reverie, eye vibrating rinse! Amb supplies a squirmish travelogue through his lunatic mind, which can be frightening or revealing, depending on the character of the listener. Besides the original one, Dan F comes closer to my ears. Nice pull, a bit more schizo, okay that's trendy now. The drilling bass is the only thing that reminds me of his glorious touch. Being one of my fave producers, Habersham is a disappointment here. Well beaten trademark sounds, too much of the claustrophobic feel, adding nothing more to the original."

You can find the tunes at Beatport (for 4 weeks exclusive, then all other places).

[CHI019] Fine Cut Bodies: Beaver Blink

Artist: Fine Cut Bodies
Title: Beaver Blink
Catalog Number: CHI019
Release Date: 21/07/2008

Original <1
Zodiac Cartel remix <2
Luke Solomon remix

Huncut Hacuka has just made it to Simian Mobile Disco's FabricLive compilation, and here is its brother from Kevin: Beaver Blink. With the perfect dosage of heavy weight and melodic components, Fine Cut Bodies delivers this tasty bit of tech-house for the peak-time hours. On remix duties this time there is Classic man Luke Solomon and the mysterious Zodiac Cartel. ZC stay close to their statement here "We want to sing the love of danger, the habit of energy and rashness". Unfriendlier than the original, although viciously hides the melodic bits of it. Luke Solomon takes a more laid back but darker direction, perfectly mixing dubby and techy elements with a hint of old-skool Orb ambience. Nice words and support from: Dan F, Smithmonger, Lee Mortimer, Chloe Harris, Danny Bonnici, and for more read below...

BijouBreaks review here: <bb>

Jas (Simian Mobile Disco): "Love the original!!"
James Zabiela: "I played Beaver Blink (ZC remix) last night. Good stuff!"
Trevor Loveys: "Zodiac Cartel mix is the one for me, really heavy biznizz."
D.Ramirez: "Great E.P from you guys again. Particularly like the Zodiac Cartel remix. I have to say that i absolutely LOVE it!!!! Played it 3 times last week, once in Dance Valley Amsterdam and it took the roof off. Very clever, almost Switch like but with more groove and soul."
Sasha: "Luke Solomon mix for me."
Hernan Cattaneo: "very nice! Solomon for me! "
Habersham: "FCB at it again in a very big way! Beaver Blink has been on regular rotation for me in my sets for some time! This package is really tops tho, the Zodiac Cartel is as good as the original for me and I will be HAMMERING this :-D Fat, Chunky, Funky goodness ala Dave Taylor..."
Dave Jenkins (iDJ): "What a release!!!! All three tracks total winners - very very nice work. Full support from iDJ - check August issue for reviewage."
Phil K: "great mix of melody and twisted tweekiness."
Lee Coombs: "cool tracks zc for me. Forward thinking Future Tech Funk!"
Dark Globe: "like the original and zodiac mix best."
Zimbardo: "I love the ZC remix! Count me in on this one. Great tuneage!"
Dylan Rhymes: "Nice 1 - full support on this!"
Meat Katie: "I Really like the zodiac cartel mix! Zodiac Cartel on fire!"
Ben Mono (Compost) : "Loving the Zodiac Cartel Mix!"
Lemon 8: "Quality as usual. FCB rocks!"
Santiago & Bushido: "Been following ZC on Beatport, nice work on the remix! Will support this one."
Nic Sarno (ESP): "Heavy Track - Many thanks for sending."
Stupid Fresh: "Zodiac Cartel kill it! Was playing this when my mum called the other night ...she said it sounded 'nice'. If she's a fan then I'm a fan."
James Amato: "Great ZC remix - Love it!"
Mightyfools: "Thanks man! Great track, will be in our playlist for sure! Keep 'em comin :)"
Foamo (Cubism): "Wicked cheers for that man... full support!"
The Squatters: "Good solid tune!"
Richard Belsom (Cubism/Phobic): "Another great ZC remix, can hear this going off...!!"
Heavyfeet: "Really nice little crispy jacking number here. Vocal chops and percussion are wicked, very Speakerjunk - which is always good in our book! ;)"
Nick Supply: "Gonna put the ZC mix on my mix for a radio show this weekend, the biggest house music show in South Africa."
The Bulgarian: "Full support - Dirty little number!"
Murray Richardson: "fine cut bodies V luke solomun, great combo!"
Dopamine: "original is awesome but holy crapola batman zodiac cartel does it again. everything zod touches turns to fried gold."
Orde (Slam, Soma): "love solomon stuff!"
Phonogenic: "Great stuff! Love the Zodiac Cartel remix. Nice bouncy shit! The Original and Luke's mix are also good."
Chris Fortier: "luke solomon's is ace."
Dean Muhsin: "interesting package as always, Luke's mix is the one for me! cheers.."
Presslaboys: "Very interesting electro in break style.. the best for us!"
Brian Cody: "This is a big one , techy madness all round with each remix taking it deeper still."
Kraymon: "I think Zodiac is my fav here, orig 2nd but im loving all three again - THIS LABEL CAN DO NO WRONG !! keep up the good work guys :-)"

You can find the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload.

[CHI018] Myroslaw Bytz: Amfuem

Artist: Myroslaw Bytz
Title: Amfuem
Catalog Number: CHI018
Release Date: 30/06/2008

1> Original (feat. Ben Riva on violin)
2> Fine Cut Bodies remix

Myroslaw Bytz's release has been making quite a buzz for some time with Phil K, Mylo, Hybrid, Laurent Garnier already indicating to share a very positive opinion. In fact, the FCB remix was also licensed to the Phil K compilation, "Hi Fi". Ben Riva's beautiful violin play spices up both tracks, coming in an excellently-crafted dub-delayed ambient fabric in the original, and a rough and glitchy drive, equipped with a sneaky melodic hook in FCB's version. More support already from the likes of Dark Globe, Audio Soul Project, Lisa Lashes, Slam, Si Begg, Jean-Paul Bondy, Nils Noa, Murray Richardson, Smithmonger, Dov, Tom Baker, etc...

Read reviews here: <fwd> / <Wicked Style>

Chris Healings (Hybrid): "Wow this is amazing music.....Unbelivible tweaks and production....I love it"
Mylo: "love the FCB mix!"
Luke Solomon: "fine cut remix is awesome"
Kevin Beber: "original sounding - brilliance."
Cass (Deadset): "I've loved the FCB remix on this for about 3 years now!!! Still sounds awesome."
Laurent Garnier: "lovely original track will play on my radio show"
Lemon 8: "I'm a big fan of FCB and i love this too. The original is very good too. I like this. It's a great release."
Justin Robertson: "a beautiful tune! fine cut bodies for the floor, original for everywhere else!"
Volum (Volsoc) : "Definitely into this release. It's got a certain L'usine-esque feel to it, from the dsp'd out analog synth lines. The violins are a gorgeous touch, bringing about my favorite themes of floaty ambient lushness. The FCB remix is yet again a deadly release. I hear bits of Justin Maxwell's awesome dsp trickery. I will definitely be caning this one at the clubs."
Chris Fortier: "original is fantastic"
Habersham: "Fine Cut Bodies Remix is in my top 10 tracks of the last 2 years! Amazing, one of a kind stuff from Kevin....SO HAPPY it's getting released! And the original, this is my first time hearing it, but it's simply amazing."
Phonogenic: "The original is beautiful and the FCB remix does a nice job beefing it up. I'll grab both. Thanks!"
Karl Moestl: "nice, and very fresh, i like it, when it becomes different, and somebody is trying new ways - fine, fine... "
Riva Starr: "love it!"
Dan Mangan: "intricate and beautifully programmed."
Chloe Harris: "orig - beautiful. amazing synths. remix - really good drum sounds. wow. and really cool intricate drums. amazing."
Ed2000: "very fine electronica, beautiful violin . superb ! the fcb has been a top tune in my set for a long time already - looking forward to fusion festival with both these tracks !!"
Ben And Lex: "Amfuem is such a beautiful tune... proper floaty excellence... "
Jeff Samuel: "i like the fine cut bodies remix...complex edits but still with a nice groove. good work."
Lee Smith (IDJ): "Fresh intelligent beats - especially feeling the FCB mix...cheers!"

You can find the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload.

Simian Mobile Disco's FabricLive mix #41

Happy to announce that Simian licensed Fine Cut Bodies' "Huncut Hacuka" for their next Fabric compilation, out in august. More info and tracklist here: ResidentAdvisor.


Facebook is cool, so come and become a fan (CHI/FCBartistaoldal), or add Chi related guys as friends (Kevin/AMB/Synus0006/AuraFresh/Raster/Ricsi). Then it will be good for you! We promise! :)

[CHI015B] AMB: The Squirrel EP vol.2.

Artist: AMB
Title: The Squirrel EP 2
Catalog Number: CHI015B
Release Date: 05/06/2008

Lutena <1
Impatique <2
Wisp <3

The first instalment of this double EP was released earlier this year, and very rapidly gained massive support by DJs and producers all over the place. Now AMB returns to complete the package with the second part and we bet it will be difficult to pick a favourite from the two. Three outstanding tracks, production is cheeky and the toppest notch. The bouncy 'Lutena' is a dance-floor focused pumping tech-house, 'Impatique' likewise, though with a more organic and warmer feel to it, and the smooth and laid-back breakbeat number 'Wisp' closes the EP. AMB at his best. Nice words and early support from: Stryke, Tom Baker, Kickflip, Nils Noa, Dark Globe, Murray Richardson, etc...

D.Ramirez: "Another stunning E.P from you guys. Love it!"
Danny Bonnici (NuBreed): "all 3 tracks are wicked.Nice work indeed!"
Habersham: "Another smoking release from Chi! As if it wasn't enough with The Squirrel part 1, you've gone and done it again! Impatique and Wisp are my faves here, Wisp harkening back to Urchin. Thanks for rocking me as always!"
Buckmaster De La Cruz (Gus Gus)
: "Impatique is the track for me. Tight in all aspects and i'll chart & play for sure."
Phil K: "awesome package!! all tracks are great and will be all getting lotsa action!! keep em coming!"
30Hz: "Really solid release.. great prouction form amb. Lutena is my favourite... not often I like happy dance music :)"
Smithmonger: "Really Like Lutena."
Janette Slack (Mixmag) : "The AMB mix is really good. The fiddlesticks mix is sucha breath of fresh air. Awesome work!"
Chloe Harris: "Lutena is ace. what a great sound. really trippy but has a great kick to it. impatique - wicked break. really surprising sounds. wisp - jazzy acidy breaks. pretty lush."
Jimmy Mofo: "it's extremely well produced!"
Brian Ffar: "I loved the first release, and EP 2 is just as good. This release is SUPER funky and totally up my alley. i can't wait to play this on a big system. Impatique and Wisp are my favorites. It's nice to hear luscious and creative electro!"

You can find the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload.

Chi Glassic vol.1. - Dub Local

Finally the first Chi compilation is available in the digital shops. The dub influenced journey originally was released in 2001, but as you know dub never die!

Artist: V/A
Title: Chi Glassic vol.1. - Dub Local
Catalog Number: CHICD002
Release Date: 09/2001

You can find the album and/or tracks on Addictech , Beatport and DJDownload.

01> Kalumet: Galagonya
02> Dubcity Fanatikz: Bird
03> DJ Naga: Nobogadjamin Hotep
04> Dub 4 U: Birthday Mix
05> AMB: Moxa (feat. Kiss Erzsi)
06> Korai Öröm: Above Bp (Virgács remix)
07> Membran: Delay (The Ladies' Style)
08> Floid: Moontrip
09> El Horto: Sagar Tarang
10> Frizbi: Snakers' Hi
11> Pseudo Sistem: Anger Dub No 3 (DJ Naga remix)
12> Virgács: Buborék (Miraque remix)
13> Laredo: Vice Presi
14> The Carbonfools: Diolen Moby
15> WLF: First Man On The Moon (Csoko Matiné remix)

Peyote Road remixes

AMB's remix for Peyote Road by Elite Force has just been released as 4 weeks exclusive on Beatport! Press release below:

The audio gems from the Elite Force archive keep on coming with this the latest chapter in the ongoing remix project from U&A recordings. 'Peyote Road' has always been a firm favourite with the Elite Force faithful and now gets it's 2008 update courtesy of much lauded label mate Hyperion and the uber talented Hungarian producer Amb.
The Hyperion mix has already found favour with the likes of Sasha, who included it in his season-opening set at Space in Ibiza last weekend. Their 'Sun of Cactus mix', is a remarkable slab of timeless house music, reminiscent of the likes of Underworld, with a warm, fuzzed out & thoroughly euphoric breakdown to compliment the thumping Infusion-like beats of this classy remix ... no small wonder that the BIG guns are all over this one.
Next up is Hungary's uber-talented Amb, who also throws down an awesome reworking. One of the most talented producers around at the moment & fresh from some serious action on EQ Grey it's not hard to see why he has such a legion of admirers for his seamless, melodic, progressive-styled house vibes. For good measure, the hugely respected original mix (as featured on James Zabiela's 'Alive' compilation for Renaissance) from 2004 is here too, as it appeared on the Kingsize label at the time.

Elite Force - Peyote Road (Hyperion 'the Sun of Cactus Mix')
Elite Force - Peyote Road (Amb Mix)
Elite Force - Peyote Road (Original Mix)

"Wicked ! The funky shit !" - [Jody Wisternoff (Way Out West / Distinctive)]
"Love the 'Sun of Cactus mix'. Will play this." - [Dan Kahuna (FC Kahuna / Skint)]
"Amb mix doing it for me" - [Hernan Cattaneo (Renaissance)]
"Been playing Hyperion's mix every set - it's killing it everywhere!" - [Meat Katie (Lot 49)]
"Nice Remixes of a classic E.F. track. Great Release" - [Scott Kirkland (Crystal Method / Indie 103.1 FM)]
"Both mixes are nice...!!!" - [Paolo Mojo]
"Really impressed with Hyperion's remix. Awesome breakdown!" - [Jaytech (Hussle & Bussle)]
"Amb remix is nice and funky, thanks!" - [Satoshi Tomiie]
"I like the Amb mix a lot - excellent track!" [Wally Lopez (Underwater)]
"Amb remix is f*cking fAmbtastic. 9/10" [Mark Dynamix (Tech:Logic)]
"It's the Amb mix for me on this one ..." - [Ziggy Slezak (iDJ)]
"Whoah! These tracks sound heavy, especially the Sun of Cactus mix. Sounds like a heater ...." - [Randall Jones (Tigerhook Corp)]

Ghetto Fabulous remixes

The great house remix FCB has done for the "evergreen" Ghetto Fabulous by Elite Force has just been released as 4 weeks exclusive on Beatport! Press release below:

Hot on the heels of the recent re-workings of 'Melodik Hypnotik', Elite Force returns with the next installment of the Revision remix project, a concept that sees classic records from his catalogue remixed by some of the hottest producers of the moment. The recording under deconstruction this time is the timeless 'Ghetto Fabulous' which was setting dancefloors alight in 2005 when the original was released on Kingsize Records.

The first of the 2 mixes comes from Dopamine, whose previous remixes for the likes of John Acquaviva, Alex Metric and Dan F have both maintained him a firm favourite of the breaks scene, and have given him a much broader appeal. Here he takes the original track and breathes new life into it with a simple rolling arrangement that retains much of the character of the original with added smackdown. The second of the mixes comes from Hungary's oft underrated production genius and DJ extraordinaire, Fine Cut Bodies, who takes things down a twisting house avenue, turning in a slow building track that rises in intensity whilst holding a tight hypnotic glam-groove. Both producers have excelled themselves on these mixes, and DJ support has been huge.

Elite Force - Ghetto Fabulous (Dopamine Mix)
Elite Force - Ghetto Fabulous (Fine Cut Bodies Mix)
Elite Force - Ghetto Fabulous (Original 2005 Mix)

Once again U&A has proved itself as one of the most exciting purveyors of fine electronic music out there, and DJ reactions have once again been outstanding. Here is a short selection:

"Both cool, but wow, fine cut bodies is really amazing. awesome!!!" [Jesse Desenberg (Kid Kenobi)]
"Dopamine rips this remix to bit.. love it finecutbodies... everything they do is fantastic and this is no exception. excellent release" [Ben Ervine (Ben & Lex / Functional Breaks)]
"Both remixes are sick. i would venture to say this is my favorite fcb work to date." [Jimmy Brayks (]
"Dopamine cant do anything wrong at the mo :) Big support on this one" [Aston Shuffle (Ministry Oz)]
"Lovin the dopamine mix." [Tom Autobot (The Autobotz / Broke Recordings)]
"Fine Cut Bodies Mix is the one for me." [Nils Noa (Lot 49)]
"Go Dopamine ! Top mix in the place. Will be dropping this one." [Dave (Aquasky)]

[CHI017R] Fine Cut Bodies + Chris Carter: Fiddlesticks Remixes

Artist: FCB + Chris Carter
Title: Fiddlesticks Remixes
Catalog Number: CHI017R
Release Date: 05/05/2008

1> AMB remix
2> Modul's vulgardown edit
3> FCB's so nice version

The second collaboration by Chris and Kevin finally sees the light on Chi. And here is the second installment of remixes for the Fiddlesticks release, what is already supported by names like: Eddie Richards, Jeff Samuel, Nick Thayer, Nils Noa, D.Ramirez, Chris Fortier, Lemon 8, Rob Mello, Dark Globe, Luke Solomon, Elite Force, Jerome Pacman, Mike Monday, Murray Richardson, Andrea Lai, Laurent Garnier, Someone Else, Tom Baker, Dan Mangan, Kriece, Taucher, Volum, Kevin Beber, Cosmic Groove Transmission, Kraymon, Kilowatts, Dopamine, Carl Moestl, Cut La Roc, Matt Flores, etc... On the remix duties, this time there is AMB, who delivers a deep minimalist remix, Modul's second version is a heavily glitched bassline-hiphop, while there is the "so nice version" of FCB, where the name speaks for itself...

You can find the 3 mixes on Addictech, Beatport, TrackItDown and DJDownload.

01> AMB remix
02> Modul's vulgardown edit
03> Fine Cut Bodies' so nice version

You can still find the first set of mixes (original, Habersham's minimal, Modul's techhouse and FCB's house remix) at Beatport and all other places.

[CHI017] Fine Cut Bodies + Chris Carter: Fiddlesticks

Artist: FCB + Chris Carter
Title: Fiddlesticks
Catalog Number: CHI017
Release Date: 24/04/2008

Original <1
Habersham's pickup stix mix <2
Modul remix <3
Fine Cut Bodies a házban mix <4

The second collaboration by Chris and Kevin finally sees the light on Chi. A year ago they dropped the really well received chicken-techno number "Frogmarch", but this time they broke the rhythm, turned up the bass, spiced it up with a SID arpeggio and here we are: "Fiddlesticks" was born. This release also feature 2 great producers who blended the original into a twisted minimal (Habersham) and a silly techHouse version (Modul). And if it's not enough, there is FCB's house mix also to please the 4p4 lovers! Early support and nice words come from Rob Mello, Dark Globe, Luke Solomon, Elite Force, Jerome Pacman, Mike Monday, Murray Richardson, Andrea Lai, Laurent Garnier, Someone Else, Tom Baker, Dan Mangan, Kriece, Taucher, Volum, Kevin Beber, Cosmic Groove Transmission, Kraymon, Kilowatts, Dopamine, Cut La Roc, Matt Flores, etc... more to come....

You can find the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload.

[CHI016] Fine Cut Bodies: Huncut Hacuka

Artist: Fine Cut Bodies
Title: Huncut Hacuka
Catalog Number: CHI016
Release Date: 06/03/2008

1> Huncut Hacuka
2> Huncut Hacuka (Audio Soul Project remix)
3> Huncut Hacuka (Kodek remix)
4> Huncut Sample Pack

This time FCB comes equipped with a new remix single 'Huncut Hacuka', a package of tech-house rollers, supported by the additional heavy ammunition of two excellent producers, Audio Soul Project and Kodek. Support comes from the likes of Simian Mobile Disco, Elite Force, Chloe Harris, etc...

Luke Solomon: "this is quirky, diggin it and #1 ON THE FEB CHART!"
Mike Monday: "Played this out at Ministry on Sat and its THE BOMB! Love it - really different, and i love the choice of instrumentation."
Peter Kruder: "Original is fantastic. Kodek mix is also great."
Laurent Garnier: "funky ,raw and very organic will definitely play that"
Mike Truman (Hybrid): "Another great release from Kev and the Chi family, the original is as trippy as you'd expect but with some unusual melodic elements. The Audio Soul Project remix up's the intensity but it's the Kodek mix that does it for me. Properly demented!! Nice one."
Capoeira Twins: "Love the original! Great production, nice and deep, soulful slinkiness.....niiiice!"
Chris Carter (TCR): "as ever, an amazingly well crafted combination of technical wizardry and musical subtlety, truly classy. 2 excellent remixes which do full justice to the original, and both top notch in their own right."
Justin Robertson: "very cool! love audio soul and kodek mixes best"
Trevor Loveys: "love the kodek mix"
Crystal Method (Ken Jordan): "Some great sounds here! Can't wait to try them out!"
Habersham: "Huncut Hacuka has singlehandedly ripped holes in the dancefloors where ever I play! And Mazi has turned in wicked remix that's defintely slammin."
Cut La Roc: "Not what i would generally play out but enjoyed the diverse sounds used in the track!"
Uberzone: "Dig it! Very inventive, as FCB always is. Love the Xylo-hook."
Trickski (Compost): "original is crazy stuff. very nice sounddesign! audiosoulproject remix is my fave..."
Big Hair (U-Freqs): "The Kodek remix is definitely the one for me. Twisted up basslines and wonky noises .. you know what the u-freqs crew loves!!"
Kriece: "great tracks again - you guys are on fire - my favourites are the original & audio soul project mixes - nice & kooky"
Phil K (LoStep): "awesome track!!will be playing lots and lots..all great mixes..."
Gus Gus (Buckmaster De La Cruz): "Great atmo & pace. i really like this kind of a song. it has patience & good build up. will play this a lot. thanks!"
Nick Thayer: "What another fantastic and unique release from Chi. FCB create something totally unique with the xylophone taking center stage, and how! Remixes are great too!"
Joshua Collins: "Original Mix is great! Love the beats, FCB always gets it in the pocket. Audio Soul Project mix is awesome; trippy and definitely playable at the same time."
James Talk: "wicked remix from audio soul project"
Audio Soul Project: "Playing both original and my remix. Great track!"
DJ Taucher: "i have b day next week and your music is my present , what a great kind of music fantastic selekted sound superb arrangement groovy and energetic sentimental and kiking in the ass , my english is too bad to tell you how i like your tracks , will play them in all my shows and club thanks soooooooo much , cheers ralph"
Cass (DeadSet): "More fine ASP work."
Murray Richardson: "nice ep, mazis mix is the one for me!"
Lee Mortimer: "I like the production on the original and the quirky, fidgety nature."
Tom Baker: "the original mix and Audio Soul mix are bloody lovely"
Cosmic Groove Transmission: "Quirky & Funked up, just how I like it. niiiice!!"
Drumattic Twins: "great production ,, like the kodek mix"
Nils Noa: "another great release from chi. full support from me."
Smithmonger: "Like original but Kodek mix is fucked up -Love it!"

- Original

A very fun house number with a xylophone-hook and orchestral strings on top of the usual FCB forest of creaks, squeaks, and crunches. Every sound is where they should be, not one bit in the wrong place - production is as ever.

- Audio Soul Project remix

ASP doesn't need an introduction as he's been a production wizz for years with a great number of records released on a load of various labels. While sticking rather close to the original, ASP takes his mix towards a more driving direction and a drier edge of tech-house. More for the floor.

- Kodek remix

Kodek certainly is a name to watch in the future. His beautifully crafted downtempo 'Computer Made Love Song' featured one of the 'Cup of Chi' comps earlier on with strong feedback from all over the place. It's tech-house this time, built around a heavily driving bassline that either rips or gently twists your head off, dependant on the mood you're in. Peak-time business.

- Huncut Sample Pack

Just a pack of samples of Huncut Hacuka, for those who want to work out their own version of the tune.

You can find the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload.

[CHI015A] AMB: The Squirrel EP vol.1.

Artist: AMB
Title: The Squirrel EP 1
Catalog Number: CHI015A
Release Date: 14/02/2008

Pilgrimage (feat. Omid Pajooh) <1
Urchin <2
Theory <3

It's been a while since the last AMB release on the label but apparently it was well worth the wait: He is back with The Squirrel double EP, holding 6 tracks in total, three on each. The first installment is out already and have gained massive support by producers and DJs all over the place from DJs like Murray Richardson, Joshua Collins, Matt Flores, Smithmonger, Mike Monday, Ed2000+Vela, Dov, Brett Johnson, Mistress De Funk, Stryke, Crystal Method, Speculum, Peter Kruder, etc...

Trickski: "Pilgrimage is an outstanding track! it's one of the tunes of the year for me."
Laurent Garnier: "i love track 1 and 2 for the floor ,and track 3 for the radio Great stuff!"
Cass @ DeadSet: "Some typically cool and varied beats on this Chi release"
: "i am having internet problems and the player won't load, otherwise i'd give you some feedback..."
Habersham: "Hot Trax! Production is EXCELLENT, I expect no less from AMB and Chi! Urchin is my fave here but believe me the others are just as good!"
Tim @ CapoeiraTwins: "Yep,yep,YEP! Love all the tracks, nice grooves and great production."
Jason Sparks
: "Really feeling Pilgrimage at the mo'!"
Elite Force: "More quality production work from Amb, whose tracks always sound like gold dust, produced as they are with such razor-like precision."
Uberzone: "Always loving AMB! Super-groovy and fun EP!"
Mazi @ Audio Soul Project: "Pilgrimage is a wicked track"
Neil @ PhantomBeats
: "I really love Pilgrimage. Fantastic track."
Kriece: "man...this label is on fire at the moment - I love Pilgrimage & Theory"
Nick Thayer: "This is a gorgeous EP! Lovely tracks with real depth that stand up to repeated listens. QUALITY!"
Ricky Ryan: "Pilgrimage is awesome super original sounding and wicked gentle drive, top stuff!!"
Paul @ General Midi: " Man I'm diggin these! dunno if'd play em out but i've got em on my phone and they're providing a soundtrack for me journey's Big Up the man like AMB!!!"

- AMB feat. Omid Pajooh: Pilgrimage

First up is a brilliantly produced house track with vocals by the London-based Iranian singer, Omid Pajooh. A kind and gentle tune with triplets, pleasing melodies, and a wicked hook of heavily processed vocals that sneaks right in the centre of the nervous system.

- AMB: Urchin

The hilarious Chinese vocals powerfully set the mood for this track right in the beginning. It would be a little difficult to tell exactly what genre we are looking at but up to about halfway through, it is certainly close to house and well.. After that, things go a bit off track and it all ends in some weird dub somewhere near the end of the Universe.

- AMB: Theory

Glitch hop at its best - fat and groovy bassline, rich melodies, and tiny bits of glitches and errors everywhere in the hip-hop space. 'Theory' cites the chilled glitchy coolness of the West Coast while heading a bit towards the Far East in the breakdown.

You can find the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload.

[COC011] V/A: Cup Of Chi vol.11.

Artist: V/A
Title: Cup Of Chi vol.11.
Catalog Number: COC011
Release Date: 03/02/2008

1> Cooler: Hypnotised Cornflakes
2> DST: We Are Robots
3> Asthring+Franklin Deluxe+NoeNoe: Mom

Cup of Chi, the series that each time brings together 3 songs of various genres, has reached it's 11th release. DST may not ring a bell to all ears, although he's been in the electro and dubstep scene as a producer and DJ for many years now. Franklin Deluxe and Asthring this time teamed up and not only together but with singer Noenoe too, and Cooler shows us how to hypnotize a plate of corn flakes. Nice Words come from the likes of Mr Velcro Fastener, Espion, Keltec and...

Janette Slack: "Awesome quality production, amazing attention to detail, can't wait to hear what these dudes do next."
DJ Tamsin: "Wikkid glitchy funkstuff. More pleasure from Hungary...lovin it :-)"
Neil @ PhantomBeats: "Excellent, interesting stuff as usual. Lovely production again! :)"
Jason Sparks: "Hypnotised Cornflakes rocks my bowl."
Laurent Garnier:
"really like the DST track lovely electro number"
: "Wow this is one of my fave Chi releases in ages! Every track is superb, and different from one another so that I will love playing them ALL!!! EXCELLENT WORK!"
Kickflip: "All round, a wicked EP! "
Brian Ffar: "I really like We Are Robots - nice proper electro with a twist!"
Dov: "Otherworldly sounds on this EP from Chi Recordings, the quality rising with each new release, both the track by 'Cooler' and the one by 'DST' work well for me and will receive many plays."
Nils Noa: "chi rec is becoming one of my fave labels at the moment. :)"
Kriece: "these are all amazing - very original - will play especially Cornflakes & Robots"
Cass @ DeadSet: "Loving the robots. Almost like Aphex Twin, but actually playable. - really nice work."
Jesse Somfay: "Nice work, really mental. My favorite is DST's 'We Are Robots'. Nice and mellow."
Ben Mono: "yummie flakes!"

- Cooler: Hypnotised Cornflakes

We've already had records featuring our in-house medical-student-music-manipulator, Cooler. Now he's back with his new house number that in fact, does give the impression sometimes of your average morning plate of hypnotized corn flakes.

- DST: We Are Robots

Heavily influenced by the works of Tipper, Si Begg and Aphex Twin, DST delivers this glitchy piece of breaks that creates a perfect harmony between the nasty, cold environment of robotic noises and rich, warm textures.

- Asthring + Franklin Deluxe: Mom (featuring Noenoe)

Like a bunch of glitchy musical garbage - sounds are going crazy, nasty, and very bad here but it makes absolute sense with some vocals and keyboard elements brought to role. FD and Asthring teamed up with vocalist Noenoe for this occasion only.

You can find the tunes at Beatport, Addictech, TrackItDown, DJDownload.